The campus in detail: how does it work

The campus virtual is organized in sites where participants will find tools to perform diverse tasks (if it is the first time that you acces the campus virtual may be you are interested in a quick tour to see how it is organized and what you will find: click on Quick start guide to the campus virtual).

Users  entering the campus virtual access to it according to their profile as members of the university community. This fact determines which sites can have access to and which privileges will have there (visit the page Users: profiles, roles, and permissions to obtain more information).

In general, each user has acces to different types of sites, a private workspace to manage own information, course sites that will share with other participants like professors or students, communications or tutorial sites, and could create their own sites la (visit the page Sites: how the campus is organized to obtain more information).

Users have in each site access to different  tools, that allow to configure the site, if the user has administrative privileges, other ones that permit to communicate with other participants and to collaborate with them, or to develop elearning tasks (visit the page  Tools: working with the campus to obtain more information).

If you are using adapted technologies, please visit the accessibility page for additional information.

First thing you must know is with which profile access to the campus virtual and what you could do; to obtain this information visit the page Users: profiles, roles, and permissions