Sites: how the campus is organized

The campus virtual is divided in independent pieces called sites. In this sites there are participants that can access to them to share resources, communicate with each other and to use the tools that site’s administrators have added to it.

These sites can correspond to certain predefined types, generated from some templates (like the course sites, or communication sites for the different degrees, see Site appearance: types) or can be created by users with the features they want to add to them (see How to create your own sites).

In order to do this, users must have the adequate role, visit Roles and permissions to know more about it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sites are a shared meeting place, users with administrative privileges (for example instructors in course sites) can reorganize sites and eliminate resources, groups or tools but then the rest of participants will not see the eliminated ones also, not only the user that performed this action.



To know more about which tools can you use in the campus virtual and how they work visit the page Tools: working with the campus.