How to create your own sites

Campus virtual users can create their own sites in the campus. This feature allows users to organize better their projectes, either academic or related to research. To these sites can add other participants to collaborate with.

Which type of site can I create?

Different types of site can be created depending of the user needs.

  • Course type sites: Course sites are designed to support elearning activities. Official course sites are created with this structure.
  • Docent project sites: Designed to ease collaborative tasks and to allow  Site owner can invite even external users to join the site.
  • Project sites: These sites are designed to ease collaborative work between university users.

Who can create these sites?

Professor staff can create all types of sites. Student role users can only create project sites. University staff without academic tasks can create project and docent project sites.

See How can I create new sites to know the necessary steps to create a new site.