Sites internal organization

Campus virtual sites are a meeting place for their participants and consist in a set of tools that the participants can use according to their role in the site.

Users with admin privileges can see a list of all the participants in tool  Site Info (users with restricted privileges will see only information relatew with themselves).

The campus virtual permits to organize participants in groups for a better management of the tasks. This facts allows to separate participants in different groups and that some resources or tool being accessible only to certain groups. Many current tools are group aware: Assignments, Schedule, Announcements, Forums, Dropbox, Statistics, Gradebook, Lesson builder, Messages, Resources, Tests & Quizzes (see Tools: working with the campus and help pages of each tool).

There are sites in which a group assignation is automatic. For example, in course sites corresponding to official courses for every student enrollment group planned in academic secretary a group is created in the site, and a group including all instructors is created also (see Academic sites where I’m participant). An alert is send to instructors if a new group is planned during the term to be added to the site as described in guide Add a new planned group to a site.

Besides existent groups in sites administrators can add new groups using the tool Site Info (click to know more).