Site appearance: types

The basic structure of a site consist in a home page with general information about the site and some summary tools related to usual communication tools, and a menu with the available tools in the site (Link to Sakai official help).

To take a first look to site appearance, visit the quick start guide.

In every type of site there is a set of tools included, selected according the site purpose.

Site types:

  • My workspace, private user site. Every users when log in the campus virtual access this private workspace (see My private workspace).
  • Course sites: Elearning academic sites are created according to this type, for example, sites corresponding to official courses (for this type of sites see Academic sites where I’m participant to know more about their structure). Of this type are also:
    • Grade and master official communication sites (sites prepared to serve as a meeting space for all participants in an official grade or master (all students and professors)).
    • Tutorial plan sites (meeting sites related with Nestor program, the tutorial action plan of the university).
  • Intranet sites: Specific sites corresponding to university services where information about them can be found (see Intranet sites).
  • Project sites: Basic type of site. Every new site created is by default of this type. Every user can create sites of this type (see How to create your own sites).
  • Docent project sites: This type of site is designed to create academic collaborative projects. Every user belonging to university staff can create this kind of sites.