My private workspace

When an user enters the campus virtual encounters a private workspace (Link to Sakai Official Help about this issue).

In this site the user will find tools common to all user profiles (as in this private  workspace every user is the owner it has administrative privileges in these tools) :

  • Home. Initial page with information about to which sites the user is participant and summaries of announcements and notifications.
  • Profile. Tool to manage user personal information and to establish contacts with other users with similar interests.
  • Announcements. Tool to publish announcements.
  • Schedule. Tool to save events of interest.
  • Resources (if the access profile can save resources in the campus virtual; guest users do not have this permission). User private resources.
  • Preferences. Tool to customize site bar, campus language, time zone and which notifications the user wants to reveive.
  • Help. Link to campus virtual help center.

and some other with specific features (like Worksite setup) and specific tools for some profiles.