University staff profile

Users with this profile are assigned to university staff.

Access to the campus virtual

To access to the campus virtual an UdL user account is required. An account is automatically created for every person belonging to the university staff.

NOTE: If you are external professor, visit External user profile.

User account activation

The user account must be activated in order to be used.

  1. Visit Directori tool (click on this link to access).
  2. Once in the main screen, click on Activació Compte.
  3. In your contract there are a login and a code named codi d’activació that should be introduced to activate the account.
  4. Once it is active, the account can be used to access to the different services.

I want to modify the data of my account

Every user belonging to university staff can modify user account data using the Directori tool to which can access in Intranet UdL in portal’s main menu or in Intranet section of the private workspace once the user is in the campus virtual.

  • There must be authenticated in the campus virtual, so first of all you must follow the link Autenticar and to introduce login and password.
  • In the following screen there will appear different options to modify the data.

Once you can access to the campus virtual visiting a basic quick start guide can be helpful.