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Add a new planned group to a site

Teachers can add groups of enrollment in their subject spaces, provided they are planned in such groups. This guide explains how to add groups to subject spaces.

Customize your site bar of the campus virtual

The site bar located at the top of the campus can be customized just to suit your needs. Basically, you can sort the visible sites, modify the number of sites to show and also, you can hide the sites that don’t plan to visit for a while (for example, sites from previous academic years). For […]

Add or remove tools from a site

By defaul, the sites of subjects created this academic year  have the following tools: Academic Syllabus UdL Roster Assignments Gradebook Resources Biblioteca Messages Site Info Help Notice you can customize what tools are in the site. To do that, go to the site and select the “Site info” tool. Then go to “Edit tools”, make […]

How can I create new sites

TO TRANSLATE Creeu els vostres propis espais al campus virtual En aquesta nova versió del Campus Virtual us podeu crear els vostres propis espais. Aquesta característica permet a l’usuari organitzar millor la seva activitat docent i investigadora creant espais específics  i afegint-hi els participants que desitgi. Quins tipus d’espais puc crear? Podem crear diferents tipus […]

How to change the language of the campus virtual

Users can change the language of the campus virtual, that is the system-wide language in which the tools, menu’s bar and instructions to use it will appear. To change the language follow the instructions in the slides in this guide.