The campus virtual of the UdL



A campus virtual is an online environment where the members of a university can access to upload and share resources, communicate with each other and to collaborate on academic and research projects, with web tools oriented to elearning processes (which can complement current presential activities or to offer support to completely online courses). It also can provide access to web applications designed to make easier different tasks, like virtual polls, search staff information, administrative procedures, etc.

El campus virtual de la Universitat de Lleida uses Sakai CLE (Collaboration and Learning environment) platform. Sakai is distributed as open source software under a Educational Community License. The current campus virtual permits to the university community members to:

  • Have a private workspace to upload and save private resources, manage the configuration of their view of the campus (for example, idiom or time zone) and also a personal profile where to incorporate personal information.
  • Access to academic sites related to every course where is officially a student or professor, with the corresponding permissions according to their profile.
  • Access to other courses, like formative or linguistic ones, for which sites are also created.
  • In each site, a collection of tools related to managing resources, communication, elearning processes and management of the sites are available.
  • Connect to external tools to complement the ones already offered by this platform.
  • Create their own sites to collaborates with other members of the community or to complement the official ones if necessary.
  • Access to specific sites related to different university services, for example, support to the campus virtual, either related with elearning issues or technical ones.
  • Access to web applications like polls or questionnaires, search of information, etc.

Currently in the campus virtual are created sites for every official course, with their official roster (it represents above 1000 sites every academic course).

The current activity is over 900 concurrent sessions.

For more information related to for what can you use a campus virtual visit the page For what can I use campus virtual?