For what can I use the campus virtual?

The UdL campus virtual  is a virtual meeting place for the UdL community.

Every person in this community can access to it using an  official UdL user account and will have access first of all to a private workspace where resources can be saved, organize using a calendar tool or communicate with other members of the community using the personal profile tool.

All students have access to a virtual version of every offcial class in which they are enrolled,  also to a communication site related with their studies, to a tutorial site for recently incorporated students and a meeting site of their faculty, among other possibilities.

Instructors also have acces to a virtual version of the classes they teach. In this sites have administrative privileges, to allow them to organize it as they like it. They also  have acces to communication sites, sites that are managed by their coordinators and the responsibles of these studies in every faculty. In case they are tutors they also have acces to tutorial sites, managed by the coordinators of every faculty and the program responsible.

The campus virtual has a system to synchronize participants in academic sites with the academic planification managed by official secretaries. The process is run every night and in this manner the day after is programmed, every student enrolled in a class or instructor planned to teach it have acces to the corresponding sites.

All universiy staff have acces to applications and sites related with their specific tasks. To know more about how the sites in the campus are organized click on this  link. In every site there is a set of tools offering lots of functionalities:

  • Communication with other members (using user profile tool, and tools like announcements, calendar, messages, forums, chat … to know more click on this link).
  • Upload and manage private or shared resources (visit this link to know more).
  • Develop elearning activities (assignments, grades, assessments, polls, wiki, … visit this link for additional  information).
  • Using external tools from within campus virtual (as, for example, connect with a moodle platform. Visit this link to know how).
  • Manage their sites and to create new ones to collaborate with other participants (visit this link to know more).

If you want to know how can you enter to the campus virtual, visit the page How can I access to the campus virtual?