Additional email addresses

In your official UdL user account  you have defined an official email address as university member.

You can add (and in one case, you should) two private email addresses (that can be the same address in both cases) which are:

  • Alternate email address. This is a required private email address that you must include in your personal data. With this email address you will recover acces to your account in case you forgot your username or pasword.
NOTE: DON'T FORGERT to modify this alternate address in case you change of private email address.
  • Email address to forward official mail. In case you want to forward this mail to an address that you check more often you should provide it in your personal data.
NOTE: Mail that arrives to official mailbox will be forwarded but NOT DELETED. It is your duty to check your official mailbox and clear it in order to avoid run out of space.

How can I change my additional email addresses?

With Directori tool.