How to change the alternate mail address (student profile)

UdL students can configure, using directory tool, an alternate email address where information can be send in order to recover access to UdL services: if you forgot your username, the system will remind it to you sending an email to your alternate address; in case you don’t remember your password, the system will send to your alternate address a link to reset it.

It is a highly recommended that will allow you recover basic access information in a simple manner, sending an email to the alternate address.

In order to configure it, access the campus virtual and navigate to the Utilities option (left menu in private personal space). Click on the button that sends the user to the  Directory tool.

In this tool follow these steps:

  1. Click on the button to change email addresses.
  2. Introduce the external email address where messages should be forwarded.
  3. Click to save changes.
  4. Revise the introduced addess is correct to confirm the changes.

The same procedure must be followed to change the email address.

Change alternate address